Beautiful Libraries. And Rooms To Read In.

When I was growing up in New York City. Libraries were a very formal affair. Lots of mahogany counters. Staircases. Bookshelves. Plush reading chairs and couches. And shush signs everywhere.

In my adopted country. Australia. My favourite place in Sydney was The Mitchell Library. Ditto for all of the above.

Today's modern libraries allow for conversation. Are more metal and steel. Rather than luxurious mahogany.

Are meeting places for young mothers. Seniors. Children after school. And in my regional library in rural Victoria. A place to sip a cup of coffee. When calling time-out.

As a regular user of libraries. I miss the pomp and circumstance of the old. While appreciating the breath of fresh air of the new.

The Wilbur Cross Reading Room at the University of Connecticut has recently been renovated. In 2018. In keeping with an earlier time.

What's your favourite ambience for libraries? ~Carol❤